Costing structure & explanation
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Plant Pot Size         £

0.3Litre                  2.00        -         -              -

0.5Litre                   2.50       3.00         -              -

1.0Litre                   3.00       3.50         4.00        -

2.0Litre                   5.50        6.50        8.00        10.00

3.0Litre                   6.00        7.00        9.00        12.00

4.0Litre                   8.00       10.00       12.00      15.00

7.5Litre                  11.00      13.00      15.00      20.00

10Litre                   12.00      15.00      18.00      21.00

20Litre                   22.00      26.00      30.00      40.00


Plants that are reasonably inexpensive and easy to propagate and to grow to saleable size, low level of reasearch & development and usually easy enough to grow (e.g. Lupins, Hebes)


These are a bit more costly to propagate and grow on and have a reasonable amount of R&D invested, can sometimes be a bit more trickier to grow (e.g. Liriodendron, 2 years for seed to hopefully germinate, Melaleucas often very delicate in their first year)


Expensive to propagate quite hard to grow on a lot of R&D needed beforehand and quite often a challenge to grow successfully in the garden (e.g. Proteas huge amount of R&D and infant mortality, Agaves some very very slow growing)


Very rare or very hard to breed or expensive or very unreliable seed sources, sometimes are reasonably easy to grow, sometimes ! (e.g. Jacarandum seed expensive, rarely good enough quality to germinate, Cycads ridiculously expensive seed, painfuly slow to grow)


Cash, cheque, all major credit cards


Deilivery is possible nationwide, by our vehicle (usually driven by 'er indoors), cost is dependant on distance and quantity required, but we aim not to refuse,

At the moment delivery only by us and the rough charge is £15.00 per hour of estimated journey time from our nursery to you and back, disregardless of quantity, local deliveries free

Mail Order, how it works and disclosure policy

Whatever happens please, please feel to contact us direct, as we are not a faceless company and are always pleased to give out as much information about us and our plants, usually whether you like it or not!         
All orders will be confirmed before processing and sending out, and any changes and discrepencies will be notified and await further confirmation before being acted upon, any discrepencies etc will be refunded prior to posting out.

          Privacy Policy
All private details and credit details are held securely and once delivered and payment processed are kept for record purposes only for about 12 months and then securely destroyed, no further use or resale of information will               be made unless we are specifically asked (for example "call me back in 3 months time if the "plants are ready")
          Delivery Policy
Currently postal deliveries are through "At once couriers" of Tunbridge Wells, pricing by bands £12.00 for the first £50 of order or part of and then £8.00 for each subsequent £50 ordered or part of, no hidden extras. Delivery is a next day service. Plants should be shipped out within 10 days unless there arfe other mitigating factors, e.g frosty conditions, waterlogged plants etc
          Returns etc
Any problems, squished items etc, please do contact us and we will always try to achieve a mutual solution. Unfortuneatly plants are plants and some of the more finnickity ones are, buyer beware. We do however try to weed out the weaker ones though, as anyone who visits us our nursery can testify that we subject our plants to a harsh regime.
          Any other info
I will endevour to keep the website and mail order details up to date, but mistakes do happen and as we grow all our plants ourselves and do not source missing stock from who knows where, some plants may flick in and out of stock, any missing plants ordered will not be charged for.